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Competitions and festivals we present and in partnership with:

Beethoven International Piano Competition in Xiangyang, China

This International Piano Competition is organized by World Musicians League - Competition Projects and Xiangyang City Government, in collaboration with Alink-Argerich Foundation, KNS classical music recording label. Competition will be held in Tang Dynasty centre - a 30 millions built filming city for movie. The whole event will be live broadcasted online and on television.
Prizes include 100,000 RMB cash prize, concert tours and recording label contract etc.
Date: 6th-9th August, 2020  


St. Petersburg International Piano Competition in St. Petersburg, Russia

This International Piano Competition is organized by Hongkong Masters of Performance, co-presented with World Musicians League in collaboration with Alink-Argerich Foundation, and 15 other cities partner committee. Competition will be held in Singapore, Bangkok, Hongkong, Taipei, Chengdu, Shanghai, Jilin, Sichuan etc. and World Musicians League will be presenting the whole of European online competition.
Prizes include medals and performance contract at the legendary Capella Hall in Russia.
August, 2020

Piano Concerto Festival in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

This International Piano Concerto Festival is organized by Piano Island Artists Management, co-presented with World Musicians League in collaboration with Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra. The masterclasses teaching faculty includes Van Cliburn International Piano Competition gold medalist Simone Pedroni among other distinguished piano professors Congyu Wang, Gen Li, Benjamin Loh and Dr. Iryna Vokhmyanina. There will also be a competition for the festival that the winners can perform in public with Mastro Conductor Grigor Palikarov and the Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra at the concert hall.

22nd - 28th August, 2020

Collaborate with us

Music Sharing Network

World Musicians League welcomes musicians to share their music events (performance videos, concert etc.)  The Music Sharing Network department will help to post and promote for their career and activities for free.
Simply contact us via email or send a link of your performance to our Facebook page:

B2B Music Activities Management

World Musicians League has a long term partnership with Concert Halls and Public Medias in UK, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Korea and China. 

The Music Activities Management department works with the following areas:
Organizing, presenting and co-presenting with competitions, festivals, masterclasses, such as hosting competition division in certain cities;
Promoting growing piano competitions and their prize winners;
Presenting and organizing concerts for artists and competition prize winners; 
Advertising competitions through our platform and social media.